Digital Banking

With Digital Banking II, Exton Consulting continues to reflect on the challenges of the digital transformation for banking players, a subject to which we have devoted a first book in 2012, Digital Banking.



Digital Banking II puts into perspective the new challenges of the digital bank, and focuses on organizational and human aspects of the digital transformation of financial companies.

What is the impact of the changes brought about by the digital transformation on traditional banks? What changes is the payments sector currently undergoing? How should banks adapt their relationships with customers and staff in the face of these far-reaching changes? To what extent are FinTechs and their innovative operating models affecting more traditional companies?

Digital Banking II focuses on these emerging changes and develops, with modesty, a prospective view of tomorrow’s banking world and how today’s managers should prepare for it.

Chapter 1: The advent of a digital, connected society

Chapter 2: FinTechs, tomorrow’s banking models

Chapter 3: Digital in payments: disruption of the traditional banking model

Chapter 4: New customer relationship models: transforming the operating model to make it fit for the digital age

Chapter 5: The digital shift of banks: HR transformation and innovation culture



Published in 2012, Digital Banking is the first book of Exton Consulting. It is devoted to the issues and consequences of digitalisation experienced by the financial sector.

Why, tomorrow, will digital technology change the nature and challenges of the customer-bank relationship? How have banks already reacted and how will they react to this phenomenon? Who are the innovative actors in this field?

Digital Banking is a concrete and tangible work about entering a new era for banking players. Fruit of our expertise, our research and benchmarks on the subject, this book contains documented examples, case studies and interviews that seemed interesting and relevant in the context of the study of this phenomenon.

Chapter 1: The digital transformation of our society

Chapter 2: New bank habits

Chapter 3: Overview of “new customer experiences” proposed by banks

Chapter 4: The issues and challenges of digital integration in banks

Chapter 5: Develop a winning social media strategy

Chapter 6: Towards 100% digital payments



Exton Consulting is a consulting firm Strategy and Management, founded in 2006, specializing in financial services (insurance, retail banking, cards and payments, CIB and Asset Management). A leading player in this sector, Exton Consulting supports the DGs for industry players on their growth challenges, transformation and innovation.
The firm has offices in France, Italy, Germany and Morocco and counts over 150 employees with a high level of expertise and competence.
With ten years of experience, Exton Consulting has become a preferred partner for addressing the challenges and opportunities of digital financial services.
Since its inception, Exton Consulting has invested in research and innovation, with more than twenty published studies, primarily focused on customer segments and distribution channels, its trademark.

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